Alice (2011 TV series)Edit

Alice (2011 TV series)

Airing Date

December 12,2011-January 20,2012

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Famous 4


5 (43.32)


Alice (Katrina Hyland) is blame by her parents Andrew (Adrian Lebedev) and Margaret (Margaret Fuentes) for the loss of her elder sister Melody (Raja Lee) since she was the 'cause her elder sister is got hit a car on the day after her birthday after Melody chase a butterfly which Melody had save from being hit by a car and Melody got hit instead. After many years Alice is still guilty and she felt that her mother still blames her for the loss of her elder sister Melody. But one day when Alice once visited the garden in their house where she and her grandparents once hang out she found a letter and a pocket watch that is hiding in a flower pot by the swings that she usually hangs out with her elder sister Melody. Alice thought that the pocket watch that she found in the garden was just a regular clock and played with it when she was bored one time in school and turn the clock counter clock-wise and is surprise when she is back at home again eating breakfast with her parents and when she ask them if they felt something or if they're an imaginative figure they just laugh at her...Alice then later uses the pocket watch to go back to the time where she can save her sister Melody from being hit by a car.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Adrian Lebedev as Andrew Rivera
  • Margaret Fuentes as Margaret Rivera
  • Gabriel Anderson as Daniel Reyes
  • Bernadette Moreno as Maribelle Reyes
  • Ynigo Hernandez as TJ Marquez
  • Melissa Hurst as Olive
  • Andrew Alcaras as Carlo
  • Ynigo Flores as Eric
  • Dennis Hartmann as Samuel "Sam"
  • Corazon Enriquez as Kriselda