At Dolphin Bay (2008 TV series)Edit

At Dolphin Bay (2008 TV series)


At Dolphin Bay

Airing Date

March 17,2008-April 16,2008

Total Episodes




Main Cast

  • Yuri Yamamoto as Angela Serrano/Sky/Angela Santiago
  • Richard Salvador as Anthony Santiago
  • Tony Yuhi as Wallace Higuchi
  • Nicole Anderson as Mandy Cruz
  • Rosette Christopher as Sharmaine Santiago

Supporting Cast

  • Hartmann King as Wilfredo Santiago
  • Margaret Fuentes as Eva Santiago
  • Yna Yamase as Olivia Cruz-Santiago
  • Aoi Matusura as Yna
  • Kyro Kuga as William
  • Leonardo Batungbakal as Lolo Fustasio

Guest Cast

  • Abigail Gonzales as Young Angela/Sky
  • Nathan Angeles as Young Anthony


Angela Serrano (Yuri Yamamoto) and Anthony Santiago (Richard Salvador) are childhood friends but they have to part when Anthony has been adopted by Wilfred Santiago (Hartmann King) a rich man who owns a business company. 10 yrs had passed and Anthony is now the successor of the Santiago family on the other hand Angela is living with her mom Olivia Cruz-Santiago (Yna Yamase) as a waitress in their own canteen.