Blue House

Airing Date

May 28,2012-July 6,2012

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Comedy, Romance, Drama

Opening Theme

Together in Love by Christian Kim and Kim Park

Ending Song

Forever and a Day by Caroline Hoffman

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3 (15.0)

The story revolves around the superstar Darren Legaspi (Christian Kim) who one day got in a gossip that he's dating Hannah Ruiz (Isabelle Watson) who is also a superstar and his leading lady in his last project. Darren denied it and confirmed that he's already in love with someone else to Lorraine Silva (Caroline Hoffman) who is said to be his childhood bestfriend. To Hannah's dismay who is secretly in love with Darren, she makes an scandal that she's pregnant (which is not true) Darren is shocked about the humours that Hannah brought up, so she confronts her and make her admit that she's lying, and in there Hannah did admit that she just make up the story that she's pregnant. Darren went to Lorraine to explain to her about the humour, but Lorraine doesn't believe him and left. 1 year had passed and Darren had moved on, then he suddenly want to buy a new house far away from his work place so reporters couldn't find him. He saw a blue house that's on sale and quickly bought it. The next day a girl Jasmine Reyes (Kim Park) had camed into the house and claimed that the house is hers.


Supporting Cast

  • Alberto de Leon as Enrique Legaspi
  • Elaine Apacible as Jane Legaspi
  • Simeon Alcantara as Rodolfo Reyes
  • Violeta Wallner as Lola Miranda Legaspi
  • Corazon Enriquez as Rosana Reyes
  • Yna Yamase as Flora Reyes-Pereyra
  • Angelo Gutierrez as Frederick "Freddie" Pereyra
  • Cassandra Flores as Angela Angeles
  • David Gonzalez as Ynigo Rodriguez
  • Jake Gomez as Tyrone Fernandez
  • Diana Torres as Angel Pereyra
  • Erick Isidro as Dwayne Reyes
  • Diana Quezon as Emily Asuncion-Reyes
  • Rain Lee as Jun Lee
  • Raja Lee as Vivian Song

Guest Cast


2012 SES Choice AwardsEdit

Best Primetime Television Series = Nominated
Actor Popularity Award = Christian Kim = Nominated
Actress Popularity Award = Kim Park = Nominated