Devil Beside You

Release Date

April 2,2012

Distributed by

Spiral Films


Horror, Suspence



The story of Devil Beside You starts when Diana (Isabella Curtis) and her parents moved to a new town where there is humours that their new home has a devil inside it, though her parents Ray (Jericho Apacible) and Monica (Gabriella Silang) doesn't believe what the people says only thinking that they're just creating the stories, even her younger sister Jane (Abigail Gonzales) doesn't believe it either until she saw a young girl walking in her bedroom the 2nd day. Diana and Jane transfer to a school called San Martin Academy where they are welcomed. After school Jane told her sister that she saw a girl on her bedroom a day after they moved, and Diana only says to her sister that she's imagining things though she truly thinks that the ghost is real. The next morning she went to a church and saw a sister named Selene (Alexandra Manaig) and ask about their current house. In the story Selene says that a long time ago a family lives there and they're very happy until Gerald Alegre (Val Montemayor) had started cheating on his wife and met a woman named Grace Rosales (Jessica Sandoval) his wife Alondra (Mariella Sandigan) had known about it and confronts Grace where she ended up killing her in front of Gerald and Grace daughter Maribelle (Natasha Kozlowski). Gerald had known what Alondra did to Grace and he's very angry which lead up to murdering his whole family which included his oldest daughter Rose (Diana Quezon) his wife Alondra and his youngest daughter Lisset (Belle London) and he also ended up killing himself afraid to go to jail. After Selene tells the story to Diana she told the story to her parents and as expected her parents doesn't believe her until the spirit of Alondra had been seen in their bedroom.


  • Isabella Curtis as Diana Agoncillo
  • Gabe Lawrence as Carlo Magsaysay
  • Diana Quezon as Rose Alegre/Devil

Supporting Cast

  • Jericho Apacible as Ray Agoncillo
  • Gabriella Silang as Monica Agoncillo
  • Abigail Gonzales as Jane Agoncillo
  • Jamie de Leon as Mrs. Olinares
  • Belle London as Lisset Alegre
  • Alexandra Manaig as Sister Selene
  • Natasha Kozlowski as Maribelle Alegre

Guest Cast

  • Val Montemayor as Gerald Alegre
  • Mariella Sandigan as Alondra Alegre
  • Jessica Sandoval as Grace Rosales
  • Lola de Mercier as Young Maribelle