Ethiopia's Heroes 2: New Heroes

Release Date

April 2,2012

Distributed by

Spiral Films



The kingdom of Ethiopia is in great trouble because of the new king, King Hamill (Nathan Burnhurst) wants to conquer of all the nations including Milmarna, Alphes, and Fantasia. And now it's up to Princess Heleen (Bea Bellfodda) to stop his brother and finds the new heroes Ethiopia.


  • Lloyd Hendric as Frederick "Freddie"
  • Kayla Yamamoto as Maria
  • Adrian Harris as Gideon
  • Tony del Valle as Leo

Supporting Cast

  • Bea Bellfodda as Princess Heleen
  • Kris Dalton as Prince Samuel
  • Kristopher Kuga as Barcelon
  • Nathan Burnhurst as King Hamill
  • Jenny Nashwell as Selene
  • Beatrice Green as Lia
  • Sade Green as Mia
  • Gabby Gonzalez as Damian

Guest Cast

  • Abigail Gonzales as Young Princess Heleen