Heart to Heart

Airing Date

February 6,2012-April 6,2012

Total Episode



Drama, Romance



Travis (Zach Gibson) Julia (Adriane Pineda) Hannah (Catherine Hoffman) and William (Jake Flores) are childhood best friends and eventually grew up together. Travis and Julia whenever they're talking together they ended up teasing each other but eventually they like each other even though they just won't accept it to each other.On the other hand Hannah and William are the opposite of Travis and Julia 'cause whenever they are together they ended up liking each other more.But one day when Julia was about to confess her feelings for Travis a girl named Denise (Flora Banks) showed up and she discovered that Denise is Travis secret crush back when they were in elementary.So Julia got upset and went to her sister Jade (Claire Madrigal) whose also trouble about love before.


  • Zach Gibson as Travis Alcantara
  • Adriane Pineda as Julia Dionisio
  • Catherine Hoffman as Hannah Soriano
  • Jake Flores as William Toledo
  • Flora Banks as Denise Ambrosio
  • Claire Madrigal as Jade Alcantara
  • Cedric Uena as Cedric Martinez

Supporting Cast

  • Enrico Leguizamon as Ynigo Alcantara
  • Gabriella Silang as Eva Alcantara
  • Abigail Gonzales as Angel Alcantara
  • Samantha Hernandez as Julie Dionisio
  • Kristopher Escudero as Albert Toledo