Ikaw Na Nga

Release Date

May 1,2012

Distributed by

Golden Films


Drama, Romance, Comedy



Theme Song

Ikaw Na Nga by Glade Venefsukja and Eunice Hyland

Alexandra "Alex" Mayamas (Eunice Hyland) is a cute and tough girl who dreams to go to the US to meet her father. One day she met a boy named William "Will" Anderson (Glade Venefsukja) handsome and rich though the fact that he is from the states. Alexandra then make a plan to befriend William and to make him fall for her so he'll take him to the states. So the next day she makes a bet with her friend Krissa (Diana Quezon) that within a 3 weeks or so he'll fall for her. But after a week when Alexandra had known that he went back to the Philippines to find his mother and not to have fun she then feel pity for him and help him search for his mother, but while doing that she then begans to fall for him.


Supporting Cast

Guest Cast