Lady of DarknessEdit

Lady of Darkness


Lady of Darkness

Airing Date

March 19,2007-May 15,2007

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Theme Song

Sabihin Mo Na by Madeline Fernandez


5 (26.04)


Sarah Moran (Madeline Fernandez) is a girl that has no interest in love, cute things, and girls stuff in short she acts like a boy. Due to her aunt Miranda's (Dahlia Zamora) story she started hating herself being born as an ugly girl because she got turned down by the boy she likes when she was 18 yrs. old because she was ugly and also on the very same day her parents left her due to the fact that they hated her because she was a girl and that her parents was really expecting a boy child and also that they called her the misfortune of the family. So her aunt keep her and but is really worried that Sarah is becoming more unlady like so Miranda decided to have a vacation in the city in her big mansion (though she let other people rent for rooms for money) in that mansion the renters were Alexander Guevarra a famous celebrity


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1st BGT AwardsEdit

Best Drama Television Series = Nominated
Best Primetime Television Series = Nominated
Best Television Series = Nominated
Best Primetime Television Actor = Kris Dalton = Nominated
Best Primetime Television Actress = Madeline Fernandez = Nominated
Best Actor in a Television Series = Kris Dalton = Nominated
Best Actress in a Television Series = Madeline Fernandez = Nominated
Best Couple = Kris Dalton & Madeline Fernandez = Nominated
Actor Popularity Award = Kris Dalton = Nominated
Actress Popularity Award = Madeline Fernandez = Nominated