Magi Magic: Sleeping Beauty

Airing Date

April 16,2012-May 25,2012

Total Episode





Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Preceded by

Magi Magic: Cindy Rella

Followed by

Magi Magic: Snow White and the 7 Fairies

The revolves around a girl named Aubrey (Sarah Yamamoto) who ever since she was a kid was called Asungot because of her ugly face. She always dreamed to meet his prince charming the kid who once saves her from the bullies named William (Tony Yuhi) at that time William didn't see much of Aubrey's face because her face is covered. She has a childhood friend named Vince (Enrico Solomon) who always in her side when she needed help and later on it is revealed that he likes Aubrey though he knows that Aubrey likes someone else. On the other hand her step sister Ginelle (Olivia Simons) are always on her way on finding her prince charming, since she also likes William. So one day she curse Aubrey to sleep forever until her prince charming come and find her.

Main CastEdit

  • Sarah Yamamoto as Aubrey “Asungot” Reyes/Ruiz
  • Tony Yuhi as William Madrigal
  • Enrico Solomon as Vince dela Rosa
  • Olivia Simons as Ginelle Reyes

Supporting Cast

  • Norbert Silangan as Frederick "Freddie" Reyes
  • Fernando Valdez as Manuel Madrigal
  • Yna Yamase as Yolanda Madrigal
  • Gerald Samonte as Ynigo dela Rosa
  • Henry Batungbakal as Gerald Ruiz
  • Urissa Montenegro as Desiree Ruiz
  • Alyson Peralta as Nancy
  • Carla Arellano as Julia Ruiz
  • Enzo Garcia as Jun
  • Carla de Mercier as Kayla
  • Teresa Hipolito as Helen Zamora

Guest Cast

  • Yolanda Montenegro as Cecille Reyes
  • Daniel Lazaro as Young William
  • Christina Rivera as Young Aubrey
  • Kristian Olinares as Young Vince
  • Dahlia Quezon as Young Ginelle