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On Cam

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February 9,2009-March 9,2009

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Theme Song

I Love You So by Antoinette Wilson


The story revolves around the girl named Daisy Sandoval (May Taniyama) who dreamed to be a famous actress like her favorite actress Abby Torres (Antoinette Wilson). She audition many times but failed until she met Denise Peralta (Aoi Matusura) a famous actress who helped her get into MBN and audition for the upcoming drama of MBN called "I Love Him" whose the lead actor is Richard Vergara (Nathan Suzuki) a handsome, cool looking, and cold guy. Daisy not knowing that Abby (her favorite actress of all time) also auditioned for the female lead in "I Love Him" when she finally founds out that her rival will be Abby she quickly started to panic and ran away from the auditioned and bumped into one of the hottest male actor of MBN Derick (Erick Isidro) who quickly falls in love with her at first sight. On the second hand Denise finally found her sitting at a bench outside MBN and talk to her, after 5 minutes of talk Daisy finally made up her mind to follow her dreams even though her rival will be Abby (her favorite actress of all time) she went back to the auditioned and on time the auditioned is about to start. At the final judgement the only one whose left is her and Abby, the final challenge is a kissing scene with Richard Vergara and Daisy is in big trouble she doesn't want her first kiss to be the guy whom she doesn't love and so she forfeited, so in the end Abby got the female lead but Daisy still got a supporting role for the drama.The next day the day of the shooting for "I Love Him" Daisy got a lot of mistakes during the filming of "I Love Him" there she made Richard really mad making him to tell her to back out 'cause she doen't have any talent there Daisy got really upset and talk to the director to take her out of the project but the director says no because the director taught that Daisy is really good for the role of Alice the sister of Abby in drama.

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