Reaching You

Airing Date

June 11,2012-August 17,2012

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Drama, Romance

Opening Theme

Reaching You by Sharlene Fernandez

Preceded by

Eternal Love

Followed by

Taste of Love


5 (71.67)


Daniel Uena
May Taniyama
Alex Saijo
Yayoi Wallner

The story revolves around the four childhood bestfriend Gabriel Dionisio (Daniel Uena) the cry-baby one and the closest to Noemi which sometimes call him Abel. Noemi Salazar (May Taniyama) the cheerful one and also the one who gave the nickname Abel to Gabriel, it is also stated that she has feelings for Prince and confess to him when they were in middle school but got rejected. Kenneth Madrigal (Alex Saijo) the prince, he's the heir of the Madrigal family, he is known for being a playboy and also for his handsome looks, brain, and money which he thought are kinda amazing since ever since he was a kid no one wins against him. Sarah Gomez (Yayoi Wallner) the hard-working one, she is the only one who knows at first that Noemi likes Prince, she is a very gowith others easily as well as being accepted easily, unlike her who have to work hard to be accepted to others. The story started when Gabriel went back to Laguna, Philippines from Manila after 8 years.


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17th MMT AwardsEdit

Best Primetime Television Series = Nominated
Best Supporting Television Actor = Alex Saijo = Won
Best Supporting Television Actress = Yayoi Wallner = Won