Shooting StarEdit

Shooting Star (TV series)

Airing Date

November 14,2011-January 18,2012

Total Episodes


Preceded By

My Angel

Followed By

When the Wind Blows



Theme Song

My Star (performed by Tinkerbell Dominguez)


The story revolves around the girl named Valerie (Sandie Nacpil) a working student and currently living with his step parents who adopted her after they saw her in the burning house in Cebu. On the other hand her younger sister Belinda who is taken by the Roxas family after the incident of the burning house and actually changes her name from Belinda to Emily. Not knowing that the two sisters already had crossed paths in the school that Valerie is going to and also Belinda/Emily. Will they ever know the truth about their identity? And the truth behind the burning house?

Main Cast

  • Sandie Nacpil as Valerie Gonzalez/Valerie Torres
  • Yna Mays as Belinda Gonzalez/Emily Roxas
  • Erickson Gomez as Henry Lopez
  • Kris Dalton as Nicholas “Nico” Rodriguez
  • Tinkerbell Dominguez as Zeryl Morales
  • Catherine Hoffman as Fatima Perez

Supporting Cast

  • Corazon Enriquez as Florencia Gonzalez
  • Manuel Lazaro as Pedro Torres
  • Tricia Smith as Wilma Torres
  • Claire Madrigal as Isabelle “Isa” Torres
  • Lucia Smith as Rona Villalobos
  • Ami Yamamoto as Denise Lopez
  • Erick Isidro as Kristopher “Kris” Moran
  • Nathan Burnhurst as Tyrone Hernandez
  • Yna Yamase as Bernadette “Berna” Roxas

Guest Cast

  • Renato Russo as Angelo Gonzalez
  • Lara Javier as Olivia Gonzalez
  • Hayzel Hyuga as Young Valerie
  • Belle London as Young Belinda/Emily