The Road to Happiness

Airing Date

December 5,2011-May 23,2012

Total Episode



Drama, Romance



Followed by

Fated Hearts


5 (41.25)

Theme Song

Kahit Na by Celine Monteclaro

Audrey (Hannah Kahoko) came a very rich family but it ended quickly when her father Rodolfo (Michael Suzuki) and her mother Jane (Chloe Mays) got in a car accident and died when she was just 14 years old. So she and her evil aunt Adela (Eula Uytingco) moved into the province after their house and things got sold by its owner.In the province Adela met Lucio (Hiro Kodaka) who help them but Audrey doesn't like him at all because he's a molester.Going home from work Audrey met Gabriel (Rick Harris) a rich, handsome, and cold guy whom she thinks is just good-for-nothing but her impression had change when Gabriel saved her from a group of gangster.


Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

  • Victor Angeles as Young Gabriel
  • Hannah Hyuga as Teen Linda
  • Manuel Monsour as Frederick Rivera
  • Michael Suzuki as Rodolfo Gonzales
  • Chloe Mays as Jane Gonzales