Zodiac Presents The Maiden

Airing Date

January 28,2012-April 14,2012

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Drama, Romance



Belinda Gomez (Tina Houston) was the oldest among the 3 siblings but she was the only one that haven't got a boyfriend or haven't got married yet since kindergarten till now.While her other sisters Krystal (Hannah Jasent) and Jade (Pauline Anderson) who got a boyfriend during high school.And the bad and mean classmate of Belinda, Nico Diaz (Kristopher Kuga) didn't believe her since he thought that she's just making the story up to make herself look good.So Nico decided to make Belinda fall for him and steal her first kiss if it's true.


  • Tina Houston as Belinda "Bel" Gomez
  • Kristopher Kuga as Nico Diaz
  • Hannah Jasent as Krystal Gomez
  • Pauline Anderson as Jade Gomez
  • Daniel Reyes as Jacob Garcia
  • Lilia Hyland as Maria Samonte

Supporting Cast

  • Hiro Kodaka as Bernardo Gomez
  • Grace Collins as Maricel Gomez
  • Queenie Escudero as Hilda Zamora
  • Timothy Blanco as Jared Diaz
  • Alexis Rodriguez as Ruby
  • Yuson Javier as Gerald
  • Carla Oribe as Trixie
  • Elisabeth Howell as Rose
  • Alex Burnhurst as Harold
  • Geneva Gonzales as May