Zodiac Presents

Airing Date

January 2,2011-September 22,2013
(Sunday - Season 1)

Season 1Edit


Air Date January 2,2011-April 23,2011
Total Episode 17 Episodes
Title Aries
Main Cast


Air Date April 30,2011-July 16,2011
Total Episode 12 Episodes
Title Taurus
Main Cast


Air Date July 23,2011-Sept 10,2011
Total Episodes 8 Episodes
Title Gemini
Main Cast


Air Date September 17 ,2011-Oct 29,2011
Total Episodes 7 Episodes
Title Cancer
Main Cast
  • Noemi Olinares as Angela Geronimo
  • Kris Dalton as Kris Gutierrez
  • Isabella Hernandez as Belinda "Belle" Geronimo
  • Richard Nelson as Rick
  • Luna Montreal as Penelope Madrigal


Air Date November 5 ,2011-January 21,2012
Total Episodes 12 Episodes
Title Leo
Main Cast

The MaidenEdit

Airing Date January 28,2012-April 14,2012
Total Episodes 12 Episodes
Starring Jazmin Ortega, Nicole Anderson, Xavier Cruz, Sam Isidro
Star 5 (13.20)
Synopsis Jaymie (Jazmin Ortega) and Veronica (Nicole Anderson) who are virgins and had decided to never marry or give themselves to anyone after the shock that they have seen to their mother who is physically abuse by their father who later died in a fight that occurs in their town. But later on Jaymie had met Felix (Xavier Cruz) whom she accidentally met in a party in their town, unfortunately Felix is drunk and had accidentally taken advantage of Jaymie and ended up in bed since Felix had taken Jaymie as his ex-girlfriend Monique (Kara Davies).
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Kara Davies as Monique
  • Sarah Samaniego as Liza
  • Marco de Silva as Alberto


Air Date April 21,2012-August 4,2012
Total Episodes 16 Episodes
Starring Nancy Fernandez, Kara Davies, Daniel Kurosaki, Tinkerbell Dominguez
Star 5 (96.0)
Synopsis Lyka (Nancy Fernandez) and her grandmother had been living together after her Lyka's mother died in an accident. One day Lyka had had notice that whenever she's angry every thing that she wanted to move gets unbalance or balance that it sometimes ended destroying the object that she has used, curious of this she later tell her grandmother, but to her surprise her grandmother too is the same as her who can make things lighter, heavier, balance, and unbalance, her grandmother later told her that it's in their family.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Laura Flores as Nadia

The ScorpionEdit

Air Date August 11,2012-November 24,2012
Sypnosis The story started when Rosa (Angela dela Fuente) is pregnant and got bitten by a scorpion, on the day she gave birth to a pair of twins Sarah (Nola Dobereiner) and Angela (Sylvia Angeles). But something is wrong with Sarah everytime she gets mad or frustrated she transforms into an scorpion.
Total Episode 16 Episodes
Star 2 (12.48)
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
Guest Cast


Airing Date December 2,2012-February 17,2013
Total Episodes 12 Episodes
Starring Lucia Collins, Enzo Garcia, Harlene Bautista, Jin Kuga
Star 5 (45.60)
Awards 16th MBN Most Liked Awards
  • Most Liked Drama Series = Nominated
  • Most Liked Primetime Drama Series = Nominated
  • Most Liked Primetime Drama Actor = Enzo Garcia = Nominated
  • Most Liked Primetime Drama Actress = Lucia Collins = Nominated
  • Most Liked Television Actor = Enzo Garcia = Nominated
  • Most Liked Television Actress = Lucia Collins = Nominated
  • Most Liked Love Team = Enzo Garcia & Lucia Collins = Nominated

2nd MMT Star Awards

Sypnosis The story started when Robin (Aguinaldo Santiago) a famous and professional archer and swordsman in the kingdom of Umelia and teaching kids how to be a great swordsman or archer, until one day when a surprise attack was held in Umelia and Robin in order to protect the kingdom he battled the king of Perlisia Rojun (Fernando Valdez) his step brother, but unfortunately Robin loss and was held captive in the tower of Perlisia with her father Primitivo (Cairo Wilson). On the other hand Robin's daughter Robina (Lucia Collins) just came back from her journey from Etheria and find out that her father was captured and now it's up to her and her other team mates to save her father and the kingdom of Umelia.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Aguinaldo Santiago as Robin
  • Cairo Wilson as Primitivo
  • Fernando Valdez as Rojun


Airing Date February 24,2013-May 5,2013
Total Episodes 11
Starring Keasha Madison, Brando Marquez, Yasmin Petersen, Erick Isidro, Tanya Valdez
Star 1 (2.7)
Synopsis Nelia (Katrina San Pedro) and Kriselda (Nancy Wan) are sisters that came from the family of the Ochoa who is half demons or evils, despite their good relationships as sisters both of them also fell in love in the same man Juancho (Kristopher Kuga) a human which is a mortal enemy of their family. Kriselda has ask for her sisters help to help her persuade their father to let her marry Juancho, but when Nelia had promise to help Kriselda persuade their father to help her marry Juancho and to help her also to get Juancho's attention to Kriselda, but unknown to both Nelia and Kriselda that Juancho likes Nelia and not Kriselda because of this Kriselda felt betrayed and had married another human being Kristopher (Henry Monteverde) and betrayed her own clan. Nelia's daughter Nita (Keasha Madison) had inherit her mother's demon side which makes her grow horns which she only covers it with a wig.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Katrina San Pedro as Nelia Ochoa-San Pedro
  • Nancy Wan as Kriselda Ochoa-Lopez
  • Henry Monteverde as Kristopher Lopez
Guest Cast
  • Florentino Isidro as Ibarra Ochoa
  • Sylvia Santiago as Esmeralda Ochoa
  • Rachel Vo as Young Nelia
  • Vanessa Fortes as Young Kriselda
  • Kristopher Escudero as Juancho San Pedro
  • Cathleen Hoffman as Young Nita


Airing Date May 12,2013-September 20,2013
Total Episodes 20
Starring Rosette Christopher, Alden Garcia, Yna Mays, Daniel Kurosaki
Theme Song Enchanted World by Sarah Lee
Star 3 (15.75)
Synopsis Leandro (Ivan Rojas) fell in love with a beautiful mermaid Angela (Dahlia Zamora) queen of mermaids who later gave her throne as queen of mermaids to her younger sister Lucia (Camilla del Rosario) but later on Lucia has also followed her sister Angela to the human world and gave her throne to Celebes (Grace Santiago) daughter of their parents best friend. Lucia is then introduce to Leandro's parents but is unwelcome by the family especially to Leandro's sister Olivia (Lorena Uy) and mother Anastasia (Wilma Chavez) who later planned to ruin Angela, by making her look like that she was cheating on Leandro and because of this Leandro is mad and decided to separate from Angela and had took Angela's daughter away from her, Alyna (Rosette Christopher) is later took away by Olivia and gave her to two couple Oswaldo (Efren Diaz) and Maricel (Lara Javier) who had always wanted a daughter. Many years had passed and Alyna is now a grownup young woman had planned to search for her real parents after knowing that the truth from Oswaldo and Maricel who had now have their own biological daughter Corazon (Denise Olinares).
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Dahlia Zamora as Angela Rosales
  • Ivan Rojas as Leandro San Vicente
  • Efren Diaz as Oswaldo "Waldo" Perez
  • Lara Javier as Maricel Perez
  • Denise Olinares as Corazon Perez
  • Helen Santiago as Regina San Vicente
  • Eliza Pineda as Tracy San Vicente
  • Isaac Perez as Nico San Vicente
  • Lorena Uy as Olivia San Vicente-Del Mar
  • Wilma Chavez as Anastasia San Vicente
  • Enrique Rodriguez as Pablo San Vicente
  • Marco Gonzales as Ronnie Del Mar
  • Camilla del Rosario as Lucia Rosales-Toralba
  • Timothy Blanco as Dennis Toralba
  • Hana Mays as Tatyana "Yna" Toralba
  • Oliver San Miguel as Felix Toralba
  • Grace Santiago as Queen Celebes
Guest Cast


Airing Date October 4,2013-December 29,2013
Total Episode 13
Starring Jenny Nashwell, Isabella Curtis, Onix Aquino, Erickson Gomez
Star 1 (1.00)
Synopsis Sharlene (Jenny Nashwell) and Shirley (Isabella Curtis) are paternal twin sisters who are born with special powers to manipulate water.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
Special Participation